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Q: Can I purchase my own product and just hire you to Bartend?

A: Only if you are Hosting your event at a non-commercial facility such as your own property / home or Corporate location.  

Q: What happens to all of the alcohol when the bar closes ?

A: All alcohol goes home with the customer at the close of the event.    

Q: Am I charged by the person, by the bottle....? How does that work ?

A: Bars By Butch  Inc. will charge you for all mixers/set-ups on a pr. person basis and bartenders, insurance, gratuities & delivery fees on an as-needed individual basis.  All
alcohol estimates are based on consumption with all sales being final.  Please keep in mind that we have been doing this for a very long time and that our estimates on quantities of alcohol are very accurate, usually with-in $ 100.00 - $ 150.00 and this helps to ensure that you are not purchasing alcohol that will not be used.  

Q: How much of a deposit is required ?

A: A $ 500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date with our company which you may mail to us at 269 Valley Ave. SW in Grand Rapids, Mi. 49504 payable to Butch's Bar Service, LLC.  All final Bar menu choices will be made 6 weeks proir to your event at which time an estimate will be generated from your selections and once agreed upon the estimated amount will be due 3 weeks before your event.

Q: What form of payment is accepted for my deposit ? 

A: Butch's Bar Service, LLC will accept a  personal check, credit card, cash or money order up until 2 weeks prior to your event.  Within 2 weeks of your event then payment must be with credit card or cashiers check.

Q: Can we close the Bar during the Dinner hour ?

A: Yes you can. This is your event and we will listen to your suggestions and/or ideas of how you want the evening to proceed.  However, we would like to recommend that at the very least the Bar remains open to serve your guests non-alcoholic items so that they are not stuck with drinking water only with their meal.  In the event that you want to close the Bar completely you will still be charged all Bartending fees for the time you have the Bar shut down.

Q: Do you allow " shots " at the Bar or pitchers of beer to go out ?

A: NO - We do not serve " SHOTS " of any kind because of the high risk of liability we take on when serving alcohol and we don't allow pitchers to leave the Bar area as we are not able to monitor who will be drinking from them. 
 We will not serve any drinks that consist of all liquor such as a Manhattan, Martini, Long Island Ice Tea and etc.

Q: Do you have partners that you work with...Halls, Food Caterers, D.J's, Cakes, etc. ?

A: Yes we do.  Here are some of our Partners ...

Post Family Farm - www.postfamilyfarm.com

The River Edge ( Lowell ) - 616 - 897 - 5928, Brenda / Bill

The Centennial Barn ( Wayland ) - 616 - 889 - 4232  Lisa

Briars Barn ( Sparta ) 616 - 205 - 5703  Lisa

Old  Wooden  Barn - oldwoodenbarn@yahoo.com


 DJ ' s  
 Moonlighting -

 Celebration Entertainment - www.celbrationentertainment.biz

 Food Caterers  
 YoChefs' Catering Co. -

 Chef Tommy Fitzgerald - www.tommyfitzgerald.com

 Adeline Leigh Catering - www.adelineleigh.com

 Billy K Catering - 616 - 822 - 1114

... as well as many others. Tell them Bars  by  Butch referred you.



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